Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine

Do you want that old summer beach bikini body back? Are you tired of people teasing rowing-machine-exerciseyou because of your weight? If yes, then try the rowing machine workout! Rowing has become one of the best full-body workouts because it challenges every major muscle group of the body.

The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine will help you to strengthen and tone the muscular system while at the same time providing the most excellent cardiovascular workout. Rowing machines also offer a well-balanced form of stamina training which improves the performance of both the circulatory and respiratory system.

This machine gives you the ultimate experience when it comes to Piston rowing. Designed with German engineering influences, this is the most affordable and highest quality rower on the market today. It features two hydraulic cylinders with the ability to set force resistance on a scale that you can choose up to 12 options.

It also has a comfortable ergonomic seat with smooth running rollers mounted on rails. All you need to do is to strap your feet into the large footplates, they will pivot slightly to support your natural motion as you row. The display shows you time, stroke count, total strokes, and calories.

Also, it includes built-in workout programs based on both calories and strokes. When in use, the unit is 55 inches length and 68 inches width with 15 inches height. It can also support people with up to 275 lbs. in weight. Storing this machine is not a problem, all you need to do is fold it and put it away. It saves you time and space. Plus it has a one year warranty for all parts, what more can you ask for?

So if you’re looking for workout equipment that will last you a long time, this is the Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine perfect for you!

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