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Guide To Buying A Sewing Machine

Guide To Buying A Sewing MachinePurchasing a new sewing machine is not rocket science; however, you need to follow some guidelines that will help you to make informed decisions as regards buying a sewing machine. Follow this guide to buying a sewing machine doggedly, and you will be glad you did:

1. Your Budget – It goes without saying that your purchasing power will determine if you will be able to buy anything you desire. Make up your mind as regards how much you plan to spend; however, don’t be too stringent with your money. Don’t spend too little an amount of money on buying a sewing machine, or you could end up purchasing a broken machine that will not deliver up to your expectations. Place your budget between $100 – $200 will give you an excellent, basic machine. Occasionally, one can find excellently refurbished sewing machines at prices lower than $100; if you’re lucky to come across such deals, by all means, take advantage of them.

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2. Accessories – When purchasing a new sewing machine, you need to look out for accessories that come with it. Fixtures such as lint cleaning brushes, feet attachments as well as the appropriate oil are just part of the added extras you should seek after anytime you want to buy a sewing machine.

3. Online Reviews – There is a reason why review websites were created, and that is to inform potential buyers of any product about the authenticity of the product as well as its features and benefits. This point should have been the first; search for and read reviews about any sewing machine that you have your sights on. This is part of what will help you make informed decisions. Other users have purchased and used the sewing machine you are planning to buy. It is only wise for you to seek out what they have to say about it. Check the reviews, the features and benefits of the sewing machines, the existence of any shortcomings that could render the machine unusable after a short period (you don’t want to be purchasing a new sewing machine every two years, would you?), etc. Ensure that the reviews are written by people who have bought and used the machine, for there are lots of fake reviews out there, written to entice people into purchasing one product or another.

4. The User Manual– The user manuals of most sewing machines can be found online, and you can download and read them without difficulty. This will enable you to get a handle on how you can make use of the sewing machine. Ensure that the user manual is informative and sensible to you.

5. The Level of Experience – The sewing machine you plan to buy should also depend on the degree of experience of the user. Are you a beginner, or is the person you’re making the purchase for, a newbie in sewing? Beginners don’t need some fancy stuff that comes with sewing machines, other than basic functions that enhance sewing and mending. Mechanical sewing machines meet such requirements, as well as some uncomplicated computerized sewing machines. If you intend to use the machine to run a business or teach the art of sewing, then you need to set your sights higher and go for industrial-grade sewing machines. The professionalism of the user should determine, to a large extent, the type of sewing machine you should buy.

Ensure you read and follow the instructions in the user manual that accompanies your sewing machine when it’s delivered as it can save you a lot of time and frustration.

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