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How to console someone?

Want to console him or her? Why dont you try these amazing quotes for him or her. On many instances, you friend might be sad and you might feel like comforting him or her. But are you aware of an exact way to console someone? Consoling an upset person is not as easy as it seems to be.

Your few wrong words might lead to ending of a long friendship. When you are trying to console or offer comfort, you might feel like you are making things worse. In order to console your friend with perfection or make them actually feel better, you need to be just a good friend.

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  1. Show them your true love – Most of the times, an upset friend does demand a great big hug in the form of consoling. Don’t try to speak many words. Just be there and hug tightly. If your friend is very upset he or she might start talking straight away but still it would be better to change the topic and make your friend feel less alone. If you friend is trying hard to maintain distance, just be respectful to them and don’t touch. You need to find a way to calm down the things and try to make them normal.
  2. Be a good listener – In an upsetting situation, allow your friend or the person to express him or herself. Try to make few eye contacts and comment shortly when needed. For sure, you are not going to fix the stuff so let it get out of his or her chest. It might not be the right time for your opinion so don’t talk and only listen. If your friend is not talking too much you can ask a small question and wait for the reply. If the person is not interested just be there and don’t talk.
  3. Leave your friend alone if they need some private time – Remember, not all friends need those encouraging words or your presence to come out of the upsetting situation. They might demand some private time so better is to follow their instructions and get away from the presence. Don’t feel bad as take the situation on you and try to find out how many times you wanted peace when you are upset.
  4. Ask them how can you help out – There is every possibility, you might have a concrete solution or easily fix the upsetting situation. This situation will arise when you are fully aware of the reason behind your friend upsetting behavior. Sometimes the situation is a bit tricky and hard to sort out, better is to move out of it and offer chips and an ice cream bucket to calm things down.
  5. Never take the situation lightly – When you say “there is nothing to worry about” to your upset friend, it might result in a troubling situation. It is hard to judge the situation unless you have faced it.

Consoling your friend is the best gift you can offer to the person in the troubling situation. But it demands little knowledge and better anticipation of the situation to make an upset friend feel a lot better.

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